To all of you making a difference,

As a result of the environment in which we find ourselves, many of our communities face challenges that appear insurmountable. Keeping our families healthy and safe while providing for them, paying our bills, and doing things for our own enjoyment no longer seems within the reach of all of us. With the information and resources each of us has at our disposal, we take action in accordance with our best guess for how our lives should work. Change and adversity present risks that make us uncomfortable and force us to rely on the people around us and our communities for help. The following actions we take together will benefit everyone, make life better, and facilitate positive relationships within our communities for growth.

In the pursuit of solutions that will guide our communities out of the economic and healthcare challenges we face, we are inviting your participation in Chris Florquist’s candidacy for President of the United States. Attached to this email is Chris’s vision for the United States and his role in it. Up to this point, we have constructed policy plans for healthcare, economic growth and other segments of society where we see that help is needed, with each plan working in combination with the others. Our work can be found on our website at and represents our best efforts to formulate a framework to guide solutions for the problems we have identified. 

We are reaching out to all members of society and encouraging those who are  journalists, community leaders, and elected officials at the various levels of society (federal, state, and local) to facilitate inclusion of their constituents’ and audiences’ perspectives into our combined policy plans that will be submitted to the appropriate Congressional representatives as the basis for legislation. Below are the principles that apply to every interaction in society. As members of a society, we must all apply these principles to our ideas and actions and incorporate them into every policy consideration in order to maximize our society’s outcomes:

  1. Democracy is each person’s active need for another’s applied humanity and ideas
  2. Freedom is the opportunity to be and to act true to self for the benefit of others
  3. Democracy has to function in every part of society
  4. Inclusion inspires each person’s ideas, original thought, and unique voice
  5. We each have inherent worth by being alive
  6. Reciprocity is our concurrent investment in each other
  7. We each desire to love, with all of our lives and to be loved concurrently, despite the risk that the love may not be reciprocated in that moment

Following from these principles, we have created a question and answer framework that will function as the model for achieving our communities’ goals. With the input of their diverse participants, each community can use a similar framework to uncover the scope of its possibilities that will enable it to prioritize and invest in the areas that lead to their envisioned, positive outcomes. We now require that same participation of every constituent to ensure that the policies we develop solve problems for American society as a whole, including your community. Resource utilization will be unique to each of us and can be improved upon by all of society working together.

Our Economic Growth Plan is designed to provide these resources to our current economy so that future cash flows will be available today to pay for our existing and future consumption, investment and liabilities. By continuing cash payments to unemployed, under-employed and low-income Americans, we ensure no breaks in the economy from which we cannot recover that would limit or eliminate future economic opportunities for every single member of our country. To put it differently, by investing money from the future to keep today’s economy going for everyone, we will ensure that we all have enough money in the future for consumption, investment and to pay our debts. 

The next step is for each of us to work together towards solutions by applying our unique skills and defining the following: what parts of your life and your community fall short of your hopes, and where can we build upon your successes where the result of your actions improved someone else’s life?

  • Help us to understand where your community needs support 
    • We have created a Needs Assessment template for each community as a tool to facilitate discussion among community members, aggregate stakeholder perspectives, identify and frame the community’s desired outcomes, and coordinate resources to that end.
      • Any member of a community that is interested in working with us can complete the contact form at to request a Needs Assessment template relevant to their role within their community. The Needs Assessments will contribute to future policy proposals and funding mechanisms to aid American communities.
      • Upon receipt of the Needs Assessment template, the community member may fill in the answers and notify us they they have completed the form by emailing
      • We will share a cloud folder with your community that will allow you to upload the completed Assessment for our campaign to review.
      • Once we have received your community’s completed Needs Assessment template, we will coordinate with your community to schedule a Zoom webinar to review your responses and further guide your inquiry. Please review our Webinar Release prior to joining your community’s Zoom webinar.
  • We will connect community members with their community leaders and local journalists as we collect information gathered by each interested party answering the Needs Assessment questions. 
  • Informed by our previous conversations, we will tailor new sets of questions to understand your community’s needs in greater depth and schedule additional webinars accordingly.
  • We will work with journalists to disseminate representative information to the general public to facilitate a path that allows the public to participate and provide their own ideas linking the interactions of their community leaders to the community members.
    • If you are a member of the media, we encourage you to work with us at any time. To participate in our campaign, please contact us at
  • Through the webinars, we will facilitate discussions that provide the necessary steps for community leaders to present their ideas to legislators that result in a mutual understanding of the communities needs and positive policy change towards their goals.
  • The information compiled during this process will contribute to policy proposals that will be submitted to your legislators in pursuit of your community’s goals.

Taking this approach fulfils our desire to live in a world where each person has the opportunity to maximize their experience of life, including us. 

With gratitude,

  • Angela Reich
  • Chris Florquist
  • Lane Florquist
  • Prithvi Murthy
  • Travis Florquist
  • Trey Black

We invite your perspective

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