Chris Florquist

Candidate for President

of the United States of America

My thoughts on sharing the planet and an invitation to help,

My name is Chris Florquist, and I am a candidate for President of the United States. What follows is a description of how I think about the role to which I apply and what I believe are the challenges we face as a world, inhabited by many people and nations. Here, I will not make an argument for my capability to fill the role, as that is the opportunity that democracy affords its citizens in review of their candidates for public service.

Citizens get to decide – freely – who they believe most fit for each public service role. In the process of their analysis, I, as an equal member of the United States, am incentivized to demonstrate that capability through words, thoughts, and actions.

As fellow members of the United States, and as equal global members in our humanity, sharing resources, hopes, dreams and the future, I invite your critique forthwith.

About Me

Context for the path that led to the moment of this candidacy.


I believe many of us, over the coming months, will likely relate to this period of my life.


Meeting together defines working together. Here is our schedule.

Policy Frameworks

Administrations help frame solutions by the Legislature to our needs. Here are some of ours.

Policy Plans

We will solve our problems together. These templates are where we will begin.


Help us understand your needs. We welcome your input and perspective.


Our past communications with members of the public, community leaders, elected officials, and journalists


We are all economic actors every day. We need information to understand our actions better. 


Ideas are conveyed in many ways. Video is a valuable tool for understanding.

Reframing the Financial System

The plumbing underlying individual and collective growth in the real economy. Provided for reference.

We invite you to engage with us

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