In the coming months, communities will be facing questions and decisions regarding COVID-19 and their local economy that will be difficult to answer: 

  • Whether to transition to virtual education because of increasing COVID-19 case counts or put students, teachers, and the people close to them at risk by staying in the classroom
  • Whether to keep non-essential businesses closed to reduce community spread or keep the economy moving, hoping that case counts will not continue to grow
  • Whether to borrow additional funds through the Federal Reserve Municipal Liquidity Facility to provide for local health entities’ operating and staff expenses, or reduce services and personnel because of revenue shortfalls
  • Whether to borrow and spend public funds on PPE, testing, and contact tracing or to limit access because of resource constraints

If the newly-sworn-in Administration, in pursuit of solving the problems above, seeks direction and answers from the individual communities with respect to the needs they are facing, understanding how to provide these answers and framing ahead of time will be beneficial for the communities to receive assistance as soon as possible. We are providing access to a series of Community Needs Assessment questions on our campaign website alongside links to contact information for state and federal elected officials, regardless of whose administration is in office. Here are examples of the Community Needs Assessment questions:

  1. What are the needs of your community’s schools over the next 4 months?
  2. How much funding do non-essential small businesses within your community need to survive closures over the next 4 months?
  3. What are your community’s needs related to unemployment and food insecurity?
  4. What is your community healthcare system’s plan to provide for the community’s healthcare needs over the next 4 months?
  5. What are your community’s plans to reduce COVID-19 transmission over the next 4 months?

We will continue to enable this collaboration in achievement of your community’s goals by delivering information through our campaign in future presidential election cycles until this practice of collaboration manifests in our society, whether by someone else or by us.

Please contact us at if you have any questions in support of your inquiry.