Policy Frameworks

Policy Framework Introduction

A representative democracy, as a reflection of the diverse needs and interests of its constituency, requires the active participation and input of voters. Policy must result from the dialogue that occurs among voters, policy experts, politicians, and elected officials to yield the best outcomes for everyone. Rather than prescribing unilateral policy solutions designed to attract the largest number of voters, we’ve outlined research on the topics we believe will produce the greatest returns on investment to society, when adequately addressed.

Each policy section serves as a backdrop for the conversations to come. They highlight the questions we, as humans, face in the pursuit of our collective goals. By working together to answer them, we’ll craft policies through which to maximize our desires and for which each of us is responsible.

The contents found on the following pages include an introduction describing a specific policy area and its imprint on our lives, guiding principles that inform our analysis of the landscape and that will direct our discourse, a policy conception that denotes the purpose of our inquiry, and a research outline containing articles, studies, and related questions framed through the lens of the problems we seek to solve with your help.